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  • Andrea Campbell

    Is it possible to sync more than one Gmail account?  I have multiple leads associated with different accounts. One personal, one past business, and my new one with Carpenter Realtors.  Many of these leads I have already added but I'd like to make sure I'm getting emails to everyone!

    Thanks so much!

    Andrea Campbell

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  • Kristin Young

    Hi Andrea:

    The sync is set up to only work with one account at a time. If you are just looking to get your contacts from each account into the CRM, you could connect the accounts one at a time, import your Contacts, and then disconnect that account and re-connect with the second one, and so on down the line, leaving your primary account for last. Then you could just leave your primary account connected and try to do all your business from that account.

    We hope that works for you!

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